Early Detection of Plant Stress

Preventing and minimizing the Cost of Cure of the Worlds' Plants



Unlike what is currently available in the market, farmAIr technology (patented) use thermal images and Artificial Intelligence, in order to reveal Plant Stress, before the onset of any symptom. We help farmers and agronomists to spot what they can't see with the naked eye, so as to be aware and take all necessary precautions and actions, that will help prevent any spread. At the moment, farmAIr technology is available for vineyards, planning to gradually expand to virtually any plant with leaves

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Add your Field

Select your field on the satellite map with our easy-to-use drawing tool and provide us with some additional information about your vineyard (more crops are coming soon).

Collect images by drone surveying or Upload your images.

Choose between our End to End or Bring Your Own Images packages.

You can either enjoy the full package, by booking the drone surveying of your field with us, or take over aerial photo shooting yourself, and upload your own images – just contact us beforehand in order to comply with our image spec requirements.

AI processing

AI processing

Our sophisticated AI algorithms will process the images of your field. It is not magic, it is the new age, cutting edge technology that farmAIr is bringing to you now, saving you time, money and effort.

Check Result

Check the Results

You can check the results from anywhere. You just need an internet connection. Login to your account and check your report to see if you have any stressed plants in your field. Go back to past reports anytime to identify any patterns. Is that simple!

Navigate to

Navigate to each stressed plant

You have stressed plants that you can’t see with your naked eye? No need to worry! Click on the pins on your field’s report, see the picture and simply walk to the stressed plant. The distance calculator will help you locate the exact position on the map.

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Our Technology

Early detection of plant stress is a unique AgriTech break through innovation service that only farmAIr can provide.

farmAIr technology combines thermal and visual images, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, in order to reveal Plant Stress, before any symptom is expressed, helping for preemptive measures that will minimize costs. We employ drones, equipped with dual cameras for remote sensing and aerial photography scanning and diagnosis of your field.

Visual Image

Visual Image

We utilize the full potential of high-resolution visual aerial photographs to isolate the plants from the soil.

Thermal Image

Thermal Image

We use thermal aerial photographs in order to understand from the leaves’ relative temperature if there is stress.

Image Fusion

Image Fusion

Our machine learning algorithms combine visual and thermal images, creating a new set of images of pseudo-color-indicated sub-areas, for every plant having stress (if any).

Artificial Intelligence identifies the problem

Artificial Intelligence identifies the problem

Our Object Detection algorithms automatically produce delimited sub-areas of the plant(s) having stress.

Our technology will make you see

Our technology will make you see

Plant stress is not visible to the naked eye in the early stages, but as of today, you are able to know well in advance. Thanks to our pseudo-color image, you are able to clearly indicate the problem well in advance and act, giving you time to act proactively, and conserve considerable costs.

30 days later

30 days later

The problem which our technology revealed 30 days before, is now evident on the infected plan, since no action had been taken in that case.

Our Platform

Gain access to your field data from your mobile, tablet and desktop. Our digital platform is a secure and easy to use software application designed to simplify crop scouting.

Our Platform

What we offer

farmAIr is a dynamic, flexible and customer-oriented AgriTech company, committed to always bring cutting-edge technology and the best experience to you.

We Offer Description 1

Clear view of the problem (either existing or about to come) on the infected plant, so you can take action beforehand, minimizing spillover and cost.

We Offer Description 2

Standard packages for End to End solution or Bring & Upload Your Own Images.

We Offer Description 3

Discounts for long-term contracts, early adopters and large customers.

We Offer Description 4

Easy-to-use digital platform on every device (mobile, tablet and desktop). You need just an internet connection and a browser.

We Offer Description 5

Map illustration of the stressed plants and navigation instructions to them using your mobile or tablet.

We Offer Description 6

Timeline with the track record of your field (stressed plants).

We Offer Description 7

Bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs – just contact us.


Select among our complete End to End service (currently for selected countries and above certain land-size, but please contact us if you do not comply, and we may find a way together) or the ability to Bring and Upload your Own Images. For both packages get advantage of our discounts on longer-term services and large size and adjust the final price based on the number of the annual reports you need.

Basic Package

from €100 per year

Service Types

End to End: €120/hectare

Bring Your Own Images: €100/hectare

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3 shots per year


1 year


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