What we offer

farmAIr is a dynamic, flexible and customer-oriented AgriTech company, committed to always bring cutting-edge technology and the best experience to you.

We Offer Description 1

Clear view of the problem (either existing or about to come) on the infected plant, so you can take action beforehand, minimizing spillover and cost.

We Offer Description 2

Standard packages for End to End solution or Bring & Upload Your Own Images.

We Offer Description 3

Discounts for long-term contracts, early adopters and large customers.

We Offer Description 4

Easy-to-use digital platform on every device (mobile, tablet and desktop). You need just an internet connection and a browser.

We Offer Description 5

Map illustration of the stressed plants and navigation instructions to them using your mobile or tablet.

We Offer Description 6

Timeline with the track record of your field (stressed plants).

We Offer Description 7

Bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs – just contact us.